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Chabraque International is an innovative production services stucture for foreign production companies wanting to shoot in France. They will access French international tax rebate (30% rebate on eligible expenses in France).

A full package to back your dramas.


  • privileged welcome of your teams (concierge services with our partners)
  • shootings careful organisation
  • privileged access to French and European talents: screenwriters, directors, actors, musicians and crews
  • access to creative teams and crews (post-production, VFX, animation) fit to your needs and budgets
  • outstanding and exclusive locations scouting


  • administrative assistance
  • legal assistance
  • French international tax rebate management


  • scripts proofreading to match French context
  • database themes and topics from French legacy


  • 30% rebate on eligible expenses spent in France
  • cap: 30 million euros per project
  • for series, feature films, live-action and animation
  • for shootings, post-production and VFX
  • for more information on French international tax rebate, please contact:


  • local and international coproductions
  • local soft money and private equity


Clémentine Dabadie
Clémentine DabadiePresident
Clémentine Dabadie has been the president of Chabraque Productions for more than eighteen years.
From TV Movies (award-winning Designated Killer) to series (Lebowitz vs Lebowitz, The Source), but also feature films (Bécassine !, The List of my Desires) or documentaries (Artists’ Crimes), the line-up reflects the diversity of the genres covered, in France as well as internationally.
Previously, Clémentine Dabadie was program advisor for the broadcaster France 2, script editor at Son & Lumière and the marketing director at Ciby 2000. She launched her first company at the age of twenty-five, Préséance, a film communication consulting agency after having spent eight years in Australia and the United States.
Hervé Fihey
Hervé FiheyCEO
Hervé Fihey’s experience in production begins as a senior financial director with feature film “ Three Men and a Craddle “ produced by Flach Films.
In 1991, he joined M6 to manage producers financial relationships with the broadcaster.
Director of Métropole Productions, internal production subsidiary of the group, he joins the channel General Executive Committee.
In 1997, he leaves M6 to start bbde, a strategy and management consulting firm for television and feature films production companies. He assists nearly 150 production companies and sets up international co-productions with twenty different countries. Simultaneously, in 2017, he creates and co-manages, with Clémentine Dabadie, Cape Point, head of an independent audiovisual group that makes Chabraque Productions and bbde know-how available to new comers in the group. Hervé Fihey is Chabraque Productions CEO.
Marie Dours
Marie DoursProducer
Bookseller and photographer, Marie Dours joins naturally the printed press world as French weekly communication magazine CB News Artistic Director, a very rewarding professional adventure that would last fifteen years. Passionate about cinema and television, Marie Dours will train in production (CEFPF) and acquire several production experiences in advertising (Magali Films) and executive production (Section 7). In 2012, she sets up MARILOU Films and collaborates regularly with Chabraque Productions on development issues.
Clémentine Dabadie, Hervé Fihey and Marie Dours set up Chabraque International department to host foreign series and feature films shooting in France.